The story of you as the hero begins


Prologue version is available now!

Fantasy comes to real world

With the power of AR (Augmented Reality), a fantasy world merges into the real world. Your rooms will be transformed into stages of adventure.

Full AR (augmented reality) Immersive Adventure

Talking with the character, solving mysteries, quests, battles, etc., you can experience all of the story in AR!

Three missions in the prologue!

The Prologue, delivered as the first step, contains three missions.


A mission that also doubles as an AR game tutorial, searching for a candle hanging on a growing tree suddenly and igniting a holographic flame!


Barrel Challenge

A mini-game like a whack-a-mole that catches characters jumping out of the barrel one after another! Not only can you follow the popping out position with your eyes, but you can also enjoy listening to the position with your ears using 3D sound.


Battle Game

A battle experience in which you emit the magic of fire to fight monsters! Battle results are presented according to the number and types of monsters defeated within the time limit.


Enjoy taking a photo

When you tap the shooting button, the character will take a pose at any point. Take a photo with cute characters as well as scary monsters.

About game area

The game area is designed to be about 2.5m x 2.5m.
Please secure the space to move around and launch the app in a safe place.


for MR

We also provide a more immersive MR (Mixed Reality) version with MR device.

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Free for the prologue version

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