In Wonder for Magic Leap

In Wonder for Magic Leap is an adventure game in a spatial computing world. This version is a kind of “prologue” and consists of three mini-games as an exercise of an upcoming long journey. Follow the instruction by the baby lion “Roy” to advance the story!

Three missions you need to complete
As a prologue, three missions are imposed on you. Get ready for them!

1. Find the hidden candles!
Find the hidden candles around the hologram tree appeared in the real world. Walk around in the spatial computing space!

2. Whack-a-mole type mini game!
Whack-a-mole type mini game to catch the character popping up from the barrels. You can use not only your sight, but your ear to locate the character thanks to Magic Leap’s spatial sound.

3. Emit the fire magic! Fight against monsters!
You can use your controller as a magic wand to emit the fire magic. Defeat as many as monsters within a time limit!

Location Based Entertainment
In addition to being distributed via Magic Leap Store, this app is intended to used as LBE (Location Based Entertainment) content. This app can be played with multiplayer, and is deployed with our own spectator view system, so other people can see what users experience through Magic Leap device. We are currently looking for the partner, especially location owners. Please email to or use contact form if you are interested.